Campaign Website & App

To increase AOK's popularity to a young target group I have designed this website, as well as the equivalent app. The user joins others with similar interests who have already registered and finds out about the most interesting sport activities, taking place near him. Furthermore, the user can upload videos of his/her favourite sport and thereby, depending on the video's popularity, he/she collects a certain amount of points. The higher the popularity, the more likely it is to win a reward from AOK.



My Work

Art Direction, UI-UX Design


User Experience

Once the mouse moves over a video, it will be emphasized by its characteristic leaf shape, that originates from the AOK logo. A corresponding visual language is applied to design the social media and call to action buttons.


Art Direction

The applied color range gives AOK a fresh and offbeat character, speaking the language of our young audience. Simultaneously, each of the fundamental bright colors is consistent with AOK's styleguide and symbolizes one of three content categories. That way, the interface design reflects diversity and clearness in an effective manner.



The unpretentiously designed main navigation on top of the page enables the easy exploration of the website and the app.


© Natassa Antonopoulou 2016