Bayrol is the biggest european specialist of care products for swimmingpools. In order to inform a demading target group about Bayrol's wide spectrum of specialized products and to convince it of Bayrol's high efficiency, I have designed this website.



My work

Concept, Art direction, UI-UX design


Art direction

Elegant typography combined with a generous number of beautiful, fullscreen photos being inspired by the pleasure of swimming in a pool, reflect the high quality of the brand.



The photo gallery on the homepage switches horizontally. Each photo stands for a main category of the website. Each time that a photo is called, the turquoise, circular shape moves individually to a new, random place. Its content is customizable according to the photo namely the category, that is being called.

Inspite of the central place of the main navigation the pool world dominates in the background. Only when users leave the homepage, the main navigation moves on the top of the page staying there permanently. Overview- and product pages are connected with each other by means of a vertical parallax function. Their background photo shows a pool world on the overview page above the water and on the product page under the water.


User experience

Inspite of the three level structure the website enables an easy and effortless user experience. Each product can be called directly by two combined dropdown menus. The discreetly designed buttons to the nearest dealer and contact form are available on every page.


© Natassa Antonopoulou 2016