Captain Website

I have conceived and designed this website for EMI UK and the latest album "This is Hazelville" of the band "Captain". According to the band Hazelville is a fictitious place. My task was to reperesent Hazelville on the website, so that users could experience a digital adventure in it and thereby get to know the band and its music.



My Work

Concept, Art Direction, UI-UX Design


Art Direction

Being inspired by the artwork of the album, I have created Hazelville by means of an abstract collage of diverse elements, that appear on the album's cover.


User Experience

News, photos and information about the band can easily be called up just by clicking the colorful elements of the collage. The collage is composed of three levels, which are movable. That means, that users can drag each level left and right. This way each user can create unique compositions, namely his/her very individual Haselville. As a next step this can saved and sent as an e-card.



The weather conditions and the time at the user's place are adaptable and can affect the interface of the website. Thus, the website gives the users the feeling of being a real inhabitant of Hazelville.


© Natassa Antonopoulou 2016