Facebook App

In colloquial Greek Akres means: find a connection, namely new friends. The Facebook app IKEA Akres addresses young people in Greece, who move to another greek city in order to study at the university. Therefore, they need both furniture for their new home and new contacts in the city where they will soon start their studies.

IKEA Akres Facebook app informs its users about IKEA youth trends and at the same time enrich their Facebook list of friends with new contacts.


Tribal DDB Athens/2011

My Work

Concept, Art Direction, UI-UX Design


User Experience

First of all, the user selects the place of his/her studies. Then his/her favourite IKEA pieces. These specifications are filtered and then combined with the preferences of the other app users. As a result of this process the user receives a list of Facebook user profiles, who move to the same city to study and who prefer the same IKEA products.


Art Direction

All the single steps of interactivity are shown as a typical greek highway sign. Each collage has been handcrafted combining cardboards and original graphics. The cardboard elements reflect spontaneity and freedom. These feelings characterize a student's everyday life.


© Natassa Antonopoulou 2016