About me


I am

Natassa Antonopoulou, Senior Art director, specialized in the conception and the design of high quality, business-oriented and crossdevice, digital projects.

I have had the pleasure of working both at Greek and German agencies such as Karamella, Onyro, Tribal DDB Athens, Verdure, DDB Düsseldorf and Fork Unstable Media and for clients such as Toyota, Vodafone, Siemens Institution, Seat, Congstar, Huk-Coburg, Schwarzkopf, Hilti, Lufthansa Industry Solutions and others.

Since October 2016 I am very excited about working at DDB Hamburg.

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I enjoy

creating high quality, thought out and state-of-the-art digital experiences, that fascinate both the user and the client.


I love

developing immersive design concepts for online campaigns, websites and mobile applications.


I am specialized in

designing a unique user experience and visual language based on the individual needs of each client.


I am interested in

new challenges and exciting, digital projects.


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