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Contest Website & Blog

Empowering People Award is a competition, in its framework Siemens Institution implements and rewards the most innovative ideas enabling sustainability and improvement of basic life conditions in third-world countries. My task was to create the website and blog of this competition under strict consideration of the existing styleguides of Siemens and Siemens Institution. Which means, that only the provided styleguides options - technically as well as creativily - were allowed to be applied.



My Work

Concept, Art Direction, UI-UX Design


Art Direction

From the existing color range I chose three colors and made each one as fundamental to each content category. Since a combination of colors was not allowed, I integrated a dark grey hue as secondary, instrumental color. Many parts of design are emphasized by means of this hue, so that the interface design enables a visual graduation of the diverse content.


UI-UX Design

For the categories of participation and evaluation I have designed a numerous of different and demanding pages with all possible forms. Inspite of the complexity of the process, I have applied a very simple navigation concept being user friendly also to the not so experienced participants from third-world countries.


User Experience

The most important information about each participant and his/her idea is available to the jury on the evaluation pages. Here each member of the jury can vote the submited ideas, include his/her comment and find out about the other jury member's evaluation for each participation.


UI-UX Design

The blog's grid is the result of the combination between a typical blog grid with the provided one by the styleguide of Siemens Institution. This way the design of the blog does not only adhere to the styleguide but it was also relatively easy to be developed.


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