Bright sunlight



I have created this website for the exemplary Kindergarten "Bright sunlight". This Kindergarden provides children with numerous and qualitative opportunities for creative play. Furthermore, its qualified staff supports the development of each child's personality and individuality. My task when designing its website was introducing these features to the parents as well as emphasizing of kindergarten's model function and trustworthiness.


Tribal DDB Athens/2011

My Work

Concept, Art Direction, UI-UX Design


Art Direction

I have created a miniature of this kindergarden with cardboards according to its real architecture and surroundings.


User Experience

The main navigation is represented by composition of clouds clearly but nevertheless imaginatively. Behind the buildings made of cardboard the user can find information about kindergarden's staff and story.

The subnavigation on the services page is shown as a colourful meadow. This way, the kindergarden introduces itself to the digital media as a model school specializing in and constantly working on the development of the children's creativity.


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