Corporate Identity

According to the moto: We love what we do I have conceived and designed Verdure's corporate identity. To fullfill this task I have designed the company's new logo and required print materials, its interior signage as well as Verdure's presentation, website and several websites about its diverse activities.


Verdure/2012, 2013

My Work

Concept, Art Direction, UI-UX Design


Art Direction

The logo portrays the visual combination between a heart with the letter "V". It is easy to read and directly recognisable due to its original shape, blossoming from a dot to a stable symbol. This stands for innovation and reflects the company's growth and efficiency.



As Verdure's employees describe themselves as "lifeblood onliners", I integrated the shape of a rain drop in the interior signage of the company.

Furthermore, I have designed a series of illustrated characters for the career page of Verdure's website being also based on the shape of a rain drop.


UI-UX Design

For the team page I have conceived an interactive concept, that emphasizes the interdisciplinary type of work without hierarchies. Only when users put their mouse over a photo of an employee the colorful photo of him/her appears.


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