Online Campaign

Vodafone Passport addresses existing Vodafone clients as well as potential ones, who wish to make low-priced mobile phonecalls to Greece when abroad. In favor of this Vodafone product I conceived and designed its online campaign being inspired both by Greek's enthusiasm for travelling abroad and the pleasure of speaking with their beloved ones on the mobile.


Tribal DDB Athens/2010,2011

My Work

Concept, Art Direction, UI-UX Design


Art Direction

Visually I supported this concept with an intentionally roughly designed collage. This one presents a ficticious landscape showing three Greeks in front of famous landmarks of three of the participating countries.


User Experience

By means of scrolling left and right users interact with the banner, explore the ficticious landscape and see the Greek protagonists on the phone.

The microsite expands the user's digital experience and connects him/her with the product on facebook. During this digital journey users are accompanied by their facebook friends, chats, photos and videos. At the end of the journey each user receives his/her original digital passport, which can be directly posted on the user's page on facebook.


Media Expansion

This online campaign ran with huge success in the course of summer 2010, Christmas 2010 and summer 2011. For each season three interactive banners were overall created.

The success of this campaign was so big, that Vodafone adapted this concept and art direction for the creation of posters, print ads, TV Spots, as well as Vodafone's Passport kiosk at the international airport of Athens.


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